Social Media Networks That Are Emerging On The Scene

Social Networks are helping to shape the modern world

Social Networks are helping to shape the modern world

Social Networks are applications that are helping transform the modern world and era through its unique ways of connecting everyone. The power of the internet is so massive that its scope is beyond reach and is accessible to anyone, anytime and anywhere. With the use of these networks, everyone is relatively within reach because they connect us to wherever we want to go.
We can share what we have with them like images, videos, and so many more. Still, many more are being programmed and beginning to emerged to break out as a very adaptable and unique social network which people can use to make things a lot easier.


MEDIUM is an upcoming social networks

MEDIUM is one of the up & coming social networks

It is one of the upcoming social networks that will blast on the scene. It is a simple blogging site which most would probably compare or see it as kind of Twitter’s extension buddy. Its design is so good-looking that it’s sharp, clean, and eye-catching.

This application helps you share stories, ideas, and knowledge that requires up to more than 140 characters to everyone you know and not just limited to a few people. The app also has a language stressing program to help make the statement in good quality which many put emphasis on.

This social network works specifically by first writing a blog which will then appear on the app’s homepage. After which, users will vote or recommend posts which will then depend on how much posts appear as it means how many votes are tallied.


Whisper is an application from iPhone that was surveyed to be very promising in the social network industry. This program works by allowing users to post secrets, hence, whispers. The secret will appear as an online postcard as its camouflage form.

Other users can do what they wish on the anonymous post such as respond to it, just leave it, or send a message. There are already close to a million people downloading this application as we said, it was very promising and now its living up to its potential.


Sina Weibo is coming from China

Sina Weibo is coming from China

Sina Weibo is a social network app programmed by China which they think is just like Twitter. The app claims to have twice the number of users it has on Twitter over the billions. There are also many prominent business establishments who have already sided with this program to help conduct in their business affairs.
New social networks are emerging to keep on pace with the old ones yet still very powerful and remain on top such as Facebook, Twitter, and many more. Though with ample time and more prominent developments, these emerging social networks will blossom and make their mark on the social media industry.

Friends With Benefits: Rules To Follow

Friends could become friends with benefits

Friends could become friends with benefits

Admit it: sleeping with a friend is always something that all of us want to do, at one point in time. We have all thought about it, but we’re scared of the dire consequences of such a decision. Maybe most of us even have this in our bucket lists! If you, however, think that you’re emotionally ready – or, better yet, physically ready – to keep the relationship satisfying (in all the right ways), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. Just make sure to keep these rules in mind so that you don’t end up breaking anything… but your bed.

Choose someone that you won’t fall for

It´s just about sex, don't let  your emotions to get in the way

It´s just about sex, don’t let your emotions get in the way

We all have types, and most of us always going for them. If you’re going to have a ‘friends with benefits’ kind of encounter, do it with someone that you’re sure you won’t fall in love with. The arrangement is a disaster waiting to happen when feelings get involved. Get them out of the way, and you can have your way with your friend, every single time. Remind yourself about their bad side and why you picked that person to be your FWB in the first place.

Don’t venture into girlfriend-boyfriend territory

Cuddling each other, eating ice cream together, and planning dinners are nice and romantic… but they are things you should not do, ever, if you’re sleeping with someone that you don’t want to eventually marry. Doing things that normal couples do sets a precedent for all the other times you two will be together, and that will only lead you to set expectations that one of you may not be able to fulfill. It also helps if you try to give your friend an idea that you are dating beyond your FWB arrangement.

Avoid communicating outside of the bed

¨No calling him at every hour¨... Respect the rules

¨No calling him at every hour¨… Respect the rules

Keep no-strings-attached sex exactly what it is: a physical relationship between two people who know what they want from each other. As much as possible, keep all communications strictly about the schedule of your next hookup. Don’t call each other and talk about the funny things that the day has brought, and don’t make up excuses to see each other outside of your or his (or her) bedroom. Call each other only when you are horny, not when you’re lonely. Because that’s when the lines blur.

Having a beneficial relationship with a friend can be quite a rewarding experience. If you play your cards right, you’ll land yourself a really hot number to get it on with, every night. Just make sure that you have the mental strength to call and see things as they are, and if you can’t handle the arrangement anymore, don’t hesitate to pull the plug and disengage… everything that you think should no longer be in you.

5 Cardio Exercises To Burn Belly Fat: How To Do These

Exercise is the best way to burn belly fat

Exercise is the best way to burn belly fat

Worry no more! Staying fit and healthy is never easy. Getting rid of belly fats is a lot harder. Nowadays that people have a lot of works to do to survive, eating what they want is one way to pamper their selves. Thus, the want to have a flat belly especially for those women out there is put into compromise. It is very hard to starve yourself just to get that flat belly you wanted. It is even hurtful to take your eyes away from that plateful of sweets on your table. Worry no more! You can still eat what you want if you really can’t let go of eating. You just have to get the courage and time to do these 5 cardio exercises to burn your belly fat. Isn’t this amazing? Here are the 5 cardio exercises for a flat belly:


There are many ways to do crunches

There are many ways to do crunches

This involves you, lying on the floor, getting your back flat on it, while your hands are crossing throughout your chest, and your knees bended. Without using your muscles of your neck, you have to raise your shoulder from the floor. You have to do this repeatedly starting from the beginning step.

Leg Raise

While lying on the floor, raise up your legs straight up to the air for at least 5 seconds, and with a smooth motion, lower it on the floor. Do this repeatedly as well.

Captain’s Chair

You will need a strong and sturdy chair with an arm. Make sure that your chair will not lean back. While your back is straight on the chair, pull your knees up to your chest slowly, do it repeatedly. Do this without using your neck muscles.

Full Sit-up and Twist

While your back is flat on the floor, bent your knees, and slowly raise your shoulder without using your muscles on your neck instead, use your stomach muscle. Once your shoulders are off the floor, twist your shoulders and reach your opposite knee with your elbow. Repeat the step with the opposite knee and shoulder.

Straight Leg Obliques

The ¨Straight Leg  Obliques¨is a perfect cardio exercises to burn belly fat

The ¨Straight Leg Obliques¨is a perfect cardio exercises to burn belly fat

While you’re lying flat on the floor, pull your legs up in the air. Rotate each of your legs to each side, alternately. Remember to keep your legs straight while you’re doing the routine.

3 Ways To Avoid Tax Audits And How To Handle Them

It's time for... Tax Audit

It’s time for a Tax Audit

Even if tax audits are rare, they still make a lot of Americans anxious. You’re probably concerned that you’ll be the next person to be audited. Once the IRS decides that you will be audited, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. What you can do is reduce the chances of you becoming their next target. You can stay away from the extra attention through these 3 ways.

1. Check figures and make sure they are correct

Erroneous data is a red flag for the IRS. Listen to their advice and double check your return. A lot of people are careless about their taxes and make mistakes. There are people that don’t collect all the forms needed while others report exemptions and dependents incorrectly. The numbers should match. If it doesn’t, expect the IRS’s system to detect the errors, thereby increasing your chances to be audited.

2. Be honest

Make sure you have everything in order, check the tax form

Make sure you have everything in order, check the tax form

Common sense tells you that you should be honest. Don’t even think about lying. Being truthful greatly reduces the odds of you being audited. Report your income, credits, and all other figures correctly. You can easily attract attention if you don’t report all of your income. Hiding a big amount of money will increase your chances of seeing an auditor.

3. Make sure deductions are realistic

Deductions that are unrealistic may be a red flag. For instance, a sole proprietor that files Schedule C and reports losses for 3 years or perhaps more could encourage the IRS to ask for proof that the person is still in business. On the other hand, those who file Schedule A should be aware of the deductions that are legit. People often make assumptions when it comes to deductibles.

How to handle tax audits

Tax Audits can be handle

Tax Audits can be handled

People often look at tax audits as a big headache. If you cooperate and stick to the basic steps, an audit can be painless. So how do you handle an audit? First of all, respond in a timely manner. Don’t ignore their notices. Make sure you respond right away. Of course, you have to be prepared. They will ask you to present records; be ready with these records. Give the IRS what they need, no more, no less. In case there are things that are not clear to you, don’t hesitate to meet a CPA or a tax attorney. These people can help interpret the notice sent by the IRS to you. In case the IRS discovers that you underpaid, a new return has to be filed. This is your time to do what’s right. Pay whatever taxes you owe and don’t make the same mistake again.

As a citizen of the United States, you should be ready for tax audits. Even if there is a very slim chance you’ll be audited, you know that the possibility still exists. Then again, there’s really no reason to fret about tax audits. Stay honest and prepare everything that’s needed. Finally, ask for help from an expert if any step of tax filing process is unclear to you.

5 Unique Easy and Less Costly Ways to Advertise Your Home-based Business

Home based business

Home based business

Establishing a home-based business is not an extremely hard task however what really matter most is how to advertise your business if you would like it to succeed in a very competitive surrounding. Advertising is a continuing process and you must make sure that your image and that of your home-based business is in the public domain every time. There is no business which can succeed without creating sufficient awareness and get individuals conversing about your services and products. The following are 5 easy and cheap ways on how to advertise your home-based business:

Advertise by word of mouth

Advertising your home-based business by word of mouth is the perfect way to market your business since it is very powerful. Once you begin working from home, you need to pass the word to your acquaintances, colleagues and friends about the new business as well as the quality products that you offer. This information will eventually spread around the community very fast than you may imagine.

Make an online presence

Advertise and make your online presence noticed

Advertise and make your online presence noticed

Regardless of how small your home-based business might be, it is currently important to ensure that your business has an online presence. It is very significant to have a nicely looking website for your home-based business. A properly designed website will make your home-based look organized big and professional. There are numerous benefits is you have your own website such as free ads for all your products, informing your customers about discounts, promotions and specials available as well as informing about any changes that occurs in a product.

Putting contact information on al printed documents that does out of business

You should put the address of your home-based business, telephone numbers and URL of your website on all the printed matters that leaves your business such as labels, invoices, faxes, envelops and letters. This is the most suitable and cheapest way to advertise your home-based business and maintaining your image in the public domain continuously.

Advertise in local media

You can advertise your home-based business in the local media as it can play an essential role in marketing your business. Small classified advertising do not cost a lot of money. They will definitely create business awareness in the local community. You can frequently send press releases to the media. You can select a local press that is interested in your business and make them write a news story about how your home-based business is advantageous to the community. This will obviously give a great boost to your business. You can also promote your products through radio if you have sufficient funds as it can be very effective.

Distribute flyers

Advertise your home based business by distributing flyers

Advertise your home based business by distributing flyers

Distributing flyers is a cheap way of advertising your home-based business. This is because flyers are much easier to produce and can actually be produced in a computer by you. You should give all the information of your business in summary including the URL and address. Likewise, a well designed and attractive brochures are great advertising tools. They can be designed and put in libraries, supermarkets and clubs where many people gather.

Advertising your home-based business need to be viewed by many people in the right manner and your success will mainly depend on the manner in which you manage it. However, with the above 3 ways on who to advertise your business easily and cheaply you can achieve success.